Did Chile stop being attractive with prices for shopping tours?

This seems to be for many Argentines who travel every week to the trans-Andean country in search of “good,
pretty and cheap”. It is that according to publicamericaeconomia.com, Chile would stop being so attractive for
Argentines who cross the border in search of good prices.

Although until recently it was common for Argentine tourists to cross the Andes mountain range through
convenient prices of the neighboring products and return with the bags full of items purchased in
different shopping centers, today would be significantly reducing the number of nationals
that makes a trip of comrpas, according to a study elaborated by GfK Consumer Choices.

The report warns of a fall in the weight of Argentine tourists on the sales of smartphones,
example, one of the most desired products by this group of consumers.

In January 2015, 83.8% of the sale of these telephones, in cities such as Antofagasta, Santiago, Valdivia and
Puerto Varas, among others, were made to Argentines. In the same period of 2017, the figure fell to 76.1%, it is
say that it was reduced by 7.5 percentage points.

Another scenario in decline is the sale of smart TVs and notebooks, which have reduced their sales by 6.7%
and 6.4%, respectively, in the last two years in these same areas.

This drop in sales is directly related to the lower price difference in certain
articles regarding what was seen in previous seasons.

Between January and August of last year, buying a notebook in Argentina was 58% more expensive than in Chile,
but during the same period of this year this difference had a significant drop: only 17%.

Pablo Vrdoljak, from GfK Consumer Choices, told AméricaEconomía that “regarding the Argentine market
and the decrease of the average price, this effect will cause in the medium term the decrease of tourists
Argentines in our country, since you will lose the attraction of traveling to Chile by a device only 15% or 20%
cheaper, considering that when returning to Argentina, at customs, they demand the payment of 50% of the value of
purchases that exceed $ 150.

George Lever, from the Studies Unit of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS), stated that “in the case
of computers, notebooks and other technological items, tariffs (in Argentina) fell from 35% to
zero this year, generating a reduction in final prices. ”

According to the study of GfK Consumer Choices, if in the first eight months of 2016 buy a smartphone
in Chile it was 108% cheaper than in Argentina, during the same period of this year that difference in
value reaches 89%.

At the moment, some articles in several sectors, which are what Argentines consume most or are
more sought after in the trans-Andean country, they continue to be cheaper than reaching them in our country, even
paying the respective taxes.

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