Crossing Menorca, Balearic Islands

Menorca, Balearic Islands. Natural paradise of the Mediterranean, Spain. Date: 11 to 17 JUNE 2018. Value: from
999 euros
In the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, just 30 minutes by plane from Barcelona, ​​you can discover the island
of Menorca, declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, with its enormous natural wealth and heritage
Historical-Cultural protected
Its virgin ecosystems and unique landscapes, are written of beaches (callas) Paradisiacas, forests, mountains,
swamps and cliffs combined with ancient villages of white houses of farmers, fishermen,
fortresses, castles, watchtowers, lighthouses and cities walls of nobles.
We are going to pedal along an old horse trail, an open ancestral trail, with 700 years of history.
This open-air museum of numerous contrasts, surprises, hidden corners, keeps archaeological sites,
plantations, stables, forests and beaches that will be revealed when going to the island.
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